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Star 3+ Session


STAR 3+ encompasses the upper levels of the STAR program.  Skaters must have completed the STAR 2 program and have been recommended by Club coaches to advance.  Sessions will include a combination of Stroking, Dance, and Free Skate. Skaters will receive group lessons by club coaches in stroking, edges and turns.  The remainder of the time, skaters work independently or in private lessons. These levels are considered a part of the learn to train program.

STAR 3 introduces skaters to performing more challenging elements in a program. The focus is on the fundamental skating skills and encouraging more difficult elements, such as an axel and change-of-foot spins. Music is important and interpretation is assessed. In a STAR 3 competition, skaters are evaluated individually against a standard and skaters are given an overall rating of Gold, Silver, Bronze or Merit, with report cards and ribbons. 

STAR 4 The technical content of STAR 4 is largely the same as STAR 3.  However, axels and change of foot spins are incorporated into the solo.  STAR 4 also serves as a transition between individually evaluated events and competition among other skaters. Skaters are separated into groups based on age.  Each skater receives a report card with a score and top finishers within each group receive either a ribbon or medal. 

STAR 5 Most STAR 5 skaters will have a consistent axel and are working on double jumps. Interpretation and transition steps are increasingly important at this level. STAR 5 introduces skaters to performing in a learn to compete environment. 

STAR 6+ As of the 2019 season, a new program for Star 6-Gold has been launched by Skate Canada. These levels are considered to follow a learn to compete program. The skaters that enter these higher levels continue to build on their elements, spins, jumps and dance skills. They also have the option to participate in an Artistic Program.


Please read our Star 3+ Skater Information Package!  CLICK HERE